IKKUN means window.

Windows let you to discover the world,

to see trough and open your perspectives.

But you can also see your own reflection there.

IKKUN's mission is to create those experiences.

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IKKUN is a production studio.gallery for creative minds and meaningful projects. 


We design, develop and produce to ensure exceptional project outcomes and experiences.


We look after uniquely creative people, ideas, projects and works in a way that they will be taken care of and are presented well to share the inspiration and stimulation.


We support and inspire creative souls through coaching and various  development approaches.


IKKUN quality is based on the values:

  • Empathy and good inner awareness - that helps us to understand people, processes, important subjects and future trends;

  • Professional and constructive attitude - that helps us to meet challenges, accomplish objectives and solve problems;

  • Multidisciplinary competence - we believe that the wide-range of  know-how, experience and networking  add extra value to each project;

  • Collaboration and joint projects - we believe that smart collaboration gives  the power and the value to  the experience ;

  • Exploration and development - we are curious, continuous learners and innovative to find the best approach for each artist and project. 



If you are interested in  hearing more and collaborating  with us, do not hesitate to contact: kristel@ikkun.ee